Fascination About my period is late and i don't know why

tobby1 p.s : also donot acquire vitex and **** quai wen u get on ur periods .. the day ur completed wid it .. u can get started again ,.... but donot end the nutrients while on periods.

redl0707 I as well took my first spherical of clomid 50mg. I have taken a hpt every other week considering that working day thirty. It now's working day 75! and no period. I had been waiting to begin my second spherical, however, I feel I ought to call the Dr.

kstull hi everyone,    I am having a lot of comparable probs. My hubby and I have been TTC for almost 2 years, i just finshed my third cycle of clomid, my dr wont prescribe it extra than four cycles. We have equally been tested, And that i have experienced an HSG. my tubes Were being blocked, but during the process, my tubes seemed to be "flushed out" and my dr appeared very happy with it. that was in may well, even now no baby. :( i also Consider i have a UTI today, which happens to be awful cuz a lot of semen obviously leads to uti's amd nonetheless...we have to accomplish the deed every other working day after ending clomid.

Emilou86 I have just come across this thread... I am undergoing the same matter. First 2 months on clomid outstanding. And now It appears to have stopped.

Jess2982 I'm on cycle 5 of clomid, I never experienced a period after clomid till the 4th attempt I am hoping this time works, I'm only capable to do six before I have to go to a fertility professional, I will pray for everyone to become pregnant, You should pray for me also

pac74 Just wish to take a poll. I am in exactly the same circumstance and have been wanting to have a baby for over a year. Second cycle of clomid and no period and no baby. The quantity of of you have used IUD's as birth control just before attempting clomid? ..clearly show

As i examine from earlier comment previously mentioned that you might not or may have a period after takin Clomid even if You're not preggas, i locate this very puzzling, in case you ovulated therefore you have intercourse the time the dr suggests and You aren't preggas then the place the d egg go? when you didnt have a period weird I have to say. hmmm confused/dont thoroughly recognize this. good luck to us all that are tryna conceive, keep the religion ya'all. ..present

quinny2011 thanks for your personal sharing. I have the silmiliar working experience much too right here. I'm 35 and experienced miscarriage last year, hoping because but no luck. my partner and I the two experienced whole lab test and nothing is wrong. i took ovulation household test each month and I did ovulate each month. so doc put me on 50mg clomid And that i also took ovulation home test and blood test on 21 working day. the Bizarre factor is that household test displays I'm ovulating. but my blood test is just 5 - telling I'm not ovulating.

superdiver14 I'm so disappointed looking to have a baby I obtained prgnant prior to had two miscarriages that was really easy getting pregnant All those two time. Now due to the fact they say I have PCOS it's so really hard I took my first cycle of clomid on three-seven i missed October its now November took a HCg and it states negative.

spencer126 Hello everyone, jus thought i Enable u fellas know that i am not pregnant, blood test came back negative even though I'd two positive HPT. My Dr. has instructed me to prevent taking the progesterone suppositories and after three days i would have a period, then i have to return to the Office environment on day three of my period and do ultrasound and blood test. Ok so due to the fact why is my period a year late am new to this fertility thing and tryna conceive i have a whole great deal of concerns to inquire my dr.

vitex is very excellent i used it for why is my period late every month now five months .. assists wid PMS n my acne is gone almost which can be astounding .. i took the follwoing: vitex drops  thrice a day fifteen drops in water folic acid 1 tab day-to-day feroglobin syrup for iron 1 tea spoon day by day royal jelly three tab every day five hundred mg vit c and zinc one tab day-to-day donq quai 2 tabs each day 400 mg raspberry crimson leaf tea do this for five-six months will defo aid n only strictly consume green veges n salmon then u can get started clomid if continue to u donot get pregnant .... but ofcourse talk to ur doc and donot acquire vitex and dongquai wen takin clomid but why is my period late when i'm on the pill can keep on takin other nutrients. it might help atleast ur physique will react favourable to first cycle of clomid n u will ovulate....also check with ur pharmacist but I assume u normally takes aspirin n progest product with clomid it no prob .. baby dust to everyone!

lucykh3434 hi all. I'm only 21 and my hubby n i are trying for the baby. i know it seems younger but we have been having unpr sex for four years. obgyn set me on provera and 23 days after last pill i however not experienced a bleed. should really i just go ahead and take clomid? dr pay a visit to is $180 a check out so ne assist would be excellent

  I'm wonder What's going on and if I'm able to get pregnant in the least.  You are luckier than me 'cause it is possible to speak to your doc.  My medical doctor is happening a personal go away and she will not be back till March 2008 and her companion wouldn't acquire me.  I don't know how to proceed now...but I hope you're going to get pregnant shortly. ..display

Jenjar84 That is just not premature me and my spouse tried using for 2 years, I also have PCOS and I had been set to the CLOMID cure which labored after a few months leading to the birth of my daughter who is now 6, we have been wanting to get pregnant due to the fact then and have had no luck, so that they have place me back again on the CLOMID, I have experienced two months of cure but nonetheless no luck and I am now 3-4 weeks late.

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